Meet, work, learn, grow.

Did You Know?

…that since 2009, the Student Sandbox teams have:

  • Competed on Shark Tank
  • Won the CenterState business plan competition (2 of the last 4)
  • Generated more than 100 jobs
  • Had students from more than a dozen Universities & Colleges participate
  • Worked with a dedicated mentor network of over 150 members
  • Worked with more than 30 students from Asian Universities and introduced them to CNY  
  • Served as the model for many other public/private student accelerators
  • Been a part of educating more than 300 entrepreneurs

“Much of higher education is simply learning a subject and writing a paper or taking a test to prove competency. When the semester ends little if any knowledge carries over to the “real world”. The Sandbox forces you to work in the real would from day 1 because it is all about your business. You learn about customer development and then practice it the very next day. The motivation is unlike anything I had ever seen. The Sandbox not only gave me the skills but office space and a network that has been invaluable to my career development”

– Mike Smith

Strategic Initiatives I TouchPoints 

Director: Student Startup Madness

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