In addition to the resources that the Sandbox provides for students in terms of space, programs, and mentorship, we also have connections with several avenues to raise the capital to help your startup get off the ground.

Student teams have had success both locally and nationally whether they\’ve competed in pitch or business plan competitions, networking with angel investors and venture capital, or bootstrapping and crowdfunding their ventures.

Our Current Sponsors Include

Since 2009, the Student Sandbox has:

  • Had teams which have competed on Shark Tank
  • Worked with a dedicated mentor network of over 150 members
  • Worked with more than 30 students from Asian Universities and introduced them to CNY
  • Served as the model for many other public/private student accelerators
  • Been a part of educating more than 300 entrepreneurs
  • Had students from more than a dozen Universities & Colleges participate
By the Numbers (since 2009)
Investment Capital Raised
Jobs Created
Center State Business Competition Winners
Companies Aquired